The Mr. Edwards Citizenship Award

We recently put a survey out and in it you guys told us that you really enjoy what we have going on out there every week.  The 30 drivers who responded rated their experience in the Northwest Racing Series at 4.5 out of 5 stars on average and said the biggest contributor to that experience was our community here in the Northwest Racing Series.  In addition to the ratings, we received numerous write-in comments from drivers praising the lack of toxicity most of those drivers have experienced in other leagues. (We’ll have more on the survey to come later. )

In 2016 at Homestead-Miami Speedway, Mr. Carl Edwards was among four drivers in contention for the Cup Series championship. He led the season finale race with 10 laps to go. Mr. Edwards was wrecked by Joey Logano on the restart, the two drivers crashed, ending Edwards’ shot for his first series championship.

Instead of losing his cool, as other athletes might have done, Mr. Edwards took the high road. He walked over to Logano’s pit crew, shook hands with crew chief Todd Gordon, and wished the team good luck. It was a gesture of extraordinary sportsmanship and praised throughout NASCAR.

With 28 career Cup series wins, 38 Xfinity wins, and a Bush series title Mr. Edwards found a way to get it done with class, respect, and humility.

We know that we are all racers and things happen.  Sometimes the competition gets the best of us. But there are those that always seem to find a way to get it done without disrespecting their fellow drivers, even if they deserve it.  We believe that it is those drivers that make this such a special group to race with and that’s why this is the award we are most excited about, the Mr. Edwards award for Citizenship, Class, and Sportsmanship.

So with that here are our nominees for our final award for 2019 and what their nominees had to say about them: 

Tom Green - “Tom personifies what this award is all about.  Tom may not have a bunch of wins under his belt yet but nobody puts more work every week than Tom does.  Tom has been a member of this league for going on 3 years now and I have never once heard him come over the radio and yell at a driver who took him out of a race that he has spent hours prepping for. Tom brings a great attitude each and every week, if he make a mistake he apologizes and moves on. Tom is one of the good guys”

Steven Paulissen - “I appreciate Steve’s clean racing and you don’t hear him whining or crying about mishaps on the track.  If he makes a mistake he takes responsibility for it. It’s guys like Steve that makes this league so refreshing after having tried out several others.  We have a lot of drivers that make this league a pleasure to compete in but Steve is amongst those at the top of that list.”

Dan West - “Dan hasn’t been around for a long time but he sure made a positive impact this year.  Dan works hard and you’ll probably find him anytime time there is a practice session up.  He’s always in a good mood and never has anything bad to say about anyone. Dan is a very fast driver who is no stranger to the podium or other broadcast interviews for that matter and even when things don’t go his way he always manages to take the high road and show class on the broadcast.  Dan races hard and he races clean and if he makes a mistake he owns it. What more could you ask for?”

Jon Ottenbacher - “Jon is a great guy and a very selfless driver. He doesn’t get mad at other drivers, at least not on the radio that I’ve ever heard, and if he screws up he owns it.  Jon went a lap down at a superspeedway race last year and after green flag pit stops we ended up working together. Once I was the leader he could have easily abandoned me for a chance to get his lap back but once he committed to partnering up with me he stuck to my rear bumper and pushed me to a victory even though I am not a teammate. This is just one example of what Jon did in one race but that is the kind of guy is. ”

Bryan Barns - “ Anyone who has raced with Bryan Barns knows he has a good attitude and friendly nature.  He usually starts from the rear and then cleanly and methodically works his way to the front.  I've raced with him in this and other leagues over the years and don't ever recall him getting upset over an incident in any league. ”

Congratulations go out to our Nominees, you are all pure class and everyone of you is deserving of the award!


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