Atlanta 21S2

You should just need to adjust the track bar for down (to tighten) or up ( to loosen) to match track grip levels. You can adjust the front cambers for long run balance (increase RF camber if you are getting loose and decrease if you are getting tight) .



Overall Tight/Loose: Track bar up will loosen and track bar down will tighten. If possible move both sides equally. Cross Weight may be the best adjustment on this set for tight/loos across the long run but not by much-adjusting cross weight on these coil bound sets is a complicated process. Try to maintain that front left spring deflection as closely as possible if you adjust the cross weight.

Entry Tight/Loose: Ballast forward will tighten the entry and Ballast back or negative will loosen entry.

Exit Tight/Loose: Rear spring split. a larger spring split will make it turn better on corner exit and a smaller spring split will tighten it on exit

Long Run Balance: Ballast will have some effect on the long-run balance, back or negative will wear looser over a run and ballast forward or positive will wear tighter over a run. In general, if the car gets looser over a run you will need to make it tighter early in the run and if it gets tighter you might consider loosening it a little bit early in the run. There is a lot of giving and take between short-run speed and long-run stability

Long Run Balance: The above still holds true but with the new tire model in place RF camber seems like the best adjustment for long or short run balance. Increasing camber should give you better short run speed while decreasing should improve the long run handling. To balance the car on the long run with cambers try to run a half to 3/4 of a fuel run minimum and increase RF camber if you are getting loose or decrease if you are getting tight