Auto Club Afternoon

The set felt on 30 lap runs at a hot afternoon Auto Club track.  Have not put in a full fuel run yet.  As always I highly suggest you put in some full fuel runs before you run it and after any major changes.


Overall Tight/Loose: Trackbar up will loosen and trackbar down will tighten.  If possible move both sides equally.  Cross Weight can be used as well but it is a complicated process

Entry Tight/Loose:  Ballast forward will tighten the entry and Ballast back or negative will loosen entry.

Exit Tight/Loose:  Rear spring split.  a larger spring split will make it turn better on corner exit and a smaller spring split will tighten it on exit

Long Run Ballance:   Ballast will have some effect on the long-run balance,  back or negative will wear looser over a run and ballast forward or positive will wear tighter over a run.  In general,  if the car gets looser over a run you will need to make it tighter early in the run and if it gets tighter you might consider loosening it a little bit early in the run.  There is a lot of giving and take between short-run speed and long-run stability

UDATED 11/14/2019

The truck was pushing center off in the practice room last night so we reworked the rear spring package and ballast.  Truck is fairly nuetral for the first 2/3 of a run and then starts to move to the tight side.  For long run ballance try moving the ballast back or negative  and inch or two and resetting the front ride heights with the front right spring perch.  Minor adjustments should be made with the track bar.  If a big swing is needed try dropping the left rear spring 25 to 50 lbs and resetting the ride height on that same corner.