Bristol Twilight 2020S2

Bristol Sunset

This truck is pretty stable and capable of hitting 14.7s and 8s on a hot track. Dependant upon your driving style you may want to change up the RR Spring. If you are heavy-handed coming off the corner and want to use a lot of throttle you may want to drop the RR from 1100 down 50 or 100 lbs for more stability off the corner. Going up 500 or 100 lbs is another option as it will help it rotate better later in the run especially if it starts to get tight but at the cost of the shorter run stability. If you do make a change here be sure to return as close to the original ride height as possible using only the RR spring perch offset.  


Overall Tight/Loose: Trackbar up will loosen and trackbar down will tighten. If possible move both sides equally. Cross Weight may be the best adjustment on this set for tight/loos accross the long run but biut not by much adjusting crossweight on these coil bound sets is a complicated process. Try to maintain that front left spring deflection as closely as possible if you adjust crossweight.

Entry Tight/Loose: Ballast forward will tighten the entry and Ballast back or negative will loosen entry.

Exit Tight/Loose: Rear spring split. a larger spring split will make it turn better on corner exit and a smaller spring split will tighten it on exit

Long Run Ballance: Ballast will have some effect on the long-run balance, back or negative will wear looser over a run and ballast forward or positive will wear tighter over a run. In general, if the car gets looser over a run you will need to make it tighter early in the run and if it gets tighter you might consider loosening it a little bit early in the run. There is a lot of giving and take between short-run speed and long-run stability