Canadian Tire 20S3


Overall Tight/Loose: Track bar up will loosen and track bar down will tighten. If possible move both sides equally. Adding front camber and or more tape will also move grip to the front tires from the rear to the front or loosen it.  The opposite will tighten. 

Ballast: Ballast forward will tighten the corner entry and help with the bumps while Ballast back will give you better drive off .

Gears: There appears to be no gear restrictions so select the rear gear to match your driving style.  For a 3 gear set you can try a 3.18   and for the traditional 4 gear anything between a 3.45 and a 3.89 should get it done.

Springs: Softer springs in the front or rear will give that end of the truck more grip relative to the other end.  For example if you want it to turn more or loosen it up you can stiffen the rear springs or make the front springs a little softer. Both will work