Texas 19S4 Afternoon

Tested with a full fuel run.   The set starts a little tight but swings to neutral within a few laps and stayed that way the entire run


Overall Tight/Loose: Trackbar up will loosen and trackbar down will tighten.  If possible move both sides equally.  Cross Weight can be used as well but it is a complicated process

Entry Tight/Loose:  Ballast forward will tighten the entry and Ballast back or negative will loosen entry.

Exit Tight/Loose:  Rear spring split.  a larger spring split will make it turn better on corner exit and a smaller spring split will tighten it on exit

Long Run Ballance:   Ballast will have some effect on the long-run balance,  back or negative will wear looser over a run and ballast forward or positive will wear tighter over a run.  In general,  if the car gets looser over a run you will need to make it tighter early in the run and if it gets tighter you might consider loosening it a little bit early in the run.  There is a lot of give and take between short-run speed and long-run stability.